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Building a Better Company with Internal Communications

Building an internal communication strategy that drives adoption and engagement is one of the most common challenges faced by companies. Poor internal communication can impact your business in so many different ways! We share in this eBook insights and actionable tips that will help you take your internal communication to the next level.

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The #NoSearching Revolution

Today people expect information to find them. In this eBook we explore how companies can transition into the new world of employee communications and the numbers behind it all.

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Communicating the ROI of Employee Advocacy

Are you considering launching an employee advocacy program but you're not sure how to communicate the value of employee advocacy to C-level executives? We’ve compiled in this ebook key insights and stats you can use to make a business case for your project!

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How to Succeed in Social Selling with Employee Advocacy

Whether you are already an experienced social selling guru or just getting started, check this free eBook to learn how to connect with and engage B2B prospects on social media.

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How to Boost Employee Engagement with Communication Tools 

Improve employee engagement at your workplace with the right strategy and technology! We share in this eBook actionable tips you can implement to increase employee engagement at your workplace.

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How to Boost Internal Communication

Did you know that internal communications have impacts on employee engagement? In this eBook, we share best practices for improving cross-departmental communication in the workplace.

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How Employee Advocacy Boosts Content Marketing

Did you know that you can leverage your content marketing strategy through employee advocacy? In this eBook, we share best practices for increasing brand awareness, building trust on social media and generating leads.

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Social Media Starter Kit for Professionals

Whether you are a CEO, entrepreneur or an employee, you need to build and grow an authentic personal brand. We have compiled in this starter kit tips to help you standing out from the crowd on social media.

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How to Succeed in Social Recruiting with Employee Advocacy

Your employees are the ones who know your company culture the best and they can help you find the right talents! Check out in this eBook how they can support your talent attraction strategy!

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The Definitive Guide to Employee Advocacy

Whether you're already well-versed in employee advocacy or new to the game, this free guide will have insights for everyone!

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How Employee Advocacy Boosts Personal Branding

Yes, your personal brand matters! It is your social calling card – Investing in one pays off in a multitude of ways. Check out in this eBook how an employee advocacy program can support your personal branding efforts.

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Customer Stories

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How KPMG Sweden Took Their Employee Communications to the Next Level with Smarp

Check out in this success story how KPMG Sweden has achieved a 420% return on investment with Smarp.

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How APSIS Generated 6.11K Reactions on Social Media Through Smarp

APSIS was looking for a solution that would help them drive qualified web traffic, improve engagement on social media, and generate leads.

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How Jabra’s Content Reached 13 Million People Through Smarp

Check out how Smarp has helped Jabra, one of the leading producers of intelligent audio solutions, to spread its content in a more effective way across its departments as well as outside the organization.

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How BDO in Australia Reached 3M People on Social Media with Smarp

By implementing Smarp, BDO in Australia wanted to make it easy for employees to find and share industry trends and BDO-related content on social media.

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How MuleSoft's Sales Teams Have Lowered their Cost Per Lead with Smarp

MuleSoft was looking for a solution to take their social selling strategy to the next level. Check out how Smarp has helped the sales teams lower their cost per lead. 

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How LR Senergy Increased Traffic to Their Website by 15% with Smarp

Check how Smarp has helped LR Senergy, now part of the Lloyd's Register Group, increase traffic to their website, lower their bounce rate and improve their average click-through-rate. 

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How BNI Has Generated 96K Reactions on Social Media with Smarp

At BNI, employees were scattered across over 13,000 islands. Learn how Smarp helps BNI keep employees connected and informed all while driving engagement around the organization's content on social media.

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How Spar Nord Generated 38K Unique Clicks on Social Media with Smarp

The communication team wanted to take Spar Nord’s social media strategy to the next level and to do so, they decided to rethink their content distribution strategy.  Learn how Smarp has helped employees engage with Spar Nord content and become ambassadors on social media. 

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Video Testimonials


Dura Vermeer Empowers Employees on Social Media With Smarp

Dura Vermeer wanted to give the opportunity to their employees to support the company’s image and brand awareness. Check out the success story!

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Reputation & Crisis Management

So how can your organization protect itself and ensure that you have strategy in place for when online crisis strikes? Watch this webinar to find out how to safeguard your brand from inside to outside.

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Great Comms Debate


The Great Comms Debate

Whether you’re new to communications or a seasoned veteran, this session should give you plenty of insights to take back with you as you work towards elevating IC in your organization.

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Growing With Your Most Underrated Marketing Channel

Join this webinar to find out how to drive brand awareness and demand generation through your most underrated marketing channel: your employees.

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How to Communicate with the Modern Employee

Watch this webinar to learn how employee communication is evolving to match our communication habits as consumers and what you can do to modernize your communications.

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The Future of Talent Acquisition: What You Should Focus on in 2020

Watch this webinar to learn how you can create a successful employer branding strategy, why having employee brand ambassadors is crucial and how technology can prevent talent shortage at your organization.

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How to Crush Your Marketing Targets in 2019

Watch this webinar to learn how you can leverage your employees and their networks to multiply your content reach and how you can convert all the new traffic coming to your website into sales.

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How to Maximise Marketing Impact with Employee Advocacy

Watch this webinar and you'll learn how to effectively engage your employees, increase brand awareness and ultimately grow your business.

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How to Engage and Inform Employees in the Enterprise

Watch this webinar to find out how to combine both your internal and external communications intuitively in order to boost engagement and performance within your organization.

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How to Boost Lead Generation with Employee Advocacy

Watch this webinar to learn how you can leverage employee advocacy and the power of networks to give your content the attention it deserves with increased reach, trust and content marketing ROI.

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Learnings from Three Employee Advocacy Programs

Watch this webinar with Nicola Gormley and Steve Plowman from Smarp for a 10-question fireside chat around the ins and outs of launching and managing an employee advocacy program.

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the future of employee communication

The Future of Employee Communication 

Join Smarp's Co-Founder/CEO Roope Heinilä for a deep dive on modern workforce communications. Learn how to enable your employees to spend less time searching for information and allow them to be more informed and engaged at the workplace.

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How to Empower Your Employees

Ryan Foland is a recognized personal branding expert who will take a deep dive into employee communication and how you can empower your employees to speak for your brand and share your vision, all while supporting them to bring their whole selves to work. 

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Atlanta, Jan 22: What Employees Want

First-of-its-kind workshop for internal communicators and HR professionals to learn from the pros, connect with their peers, and gather unfiltered insights from the people who matter the most in employee communications — employees!

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Stockholm, Feb 19: The New Era of Employee Communications

This half-day event brings together experts in the field to share experiences and insights on the importance of effective employee communications in supporting business goals.

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