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6½ M&A Secrets: A Chat With Internal Comms

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In 2018, the global value of mergers and acquisitions deals reached $3.9 trillion U.S. dollars. With companies spending such enormous amounts of money on the practice, one would think that the process of combining two organizations would be a well-oiled machine. However, Harvard Business Review reports that:

Between 70% and 90% of mergers and acquisitions fail.

So what can companies looking to grow through M&A do to ensure success through a process that is seemingly doomed from the start?

It turns out that internal communications play a major role in M&A situations. Internal communication is one of the few processes that begins as soon as M&A discussions begin, and carries on throughout the whole process, especially after the deal is inked.

With this in mind, we wanted to shed some light on M&A internal communications best practices. For this, we are excited to welcome someone who has done at least one merger or acquisition a year for the past decade – Jason Anthoine. Jason will give us his hard-won insights about M&A internal comms and share with us his 6½ top secrets for success.

Yes, you read that right. 6 and a half secrets.

Tune in on-demand to hear about topics such as:

  • Building an M&A internal comms strategy that works.
  • Planning the comms process from start to finish including prepping for surprises.
  • Working with the deal team and adding value to the deal, not just adding comms.
  • Understanding your “deal narrative”.
  • Connecting the numbers on your M&A spreadsheets with the hearts and minds of the employees involved.

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