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9 IC Experts Share Their #1 Tip to Engage a Distributed Workforce

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the workplace. The way we work, communicate and interact with our colleagues has drastically changed in no time.

In the United States alone, 62% of employees worked at home during the pandemic. That’s up from about 25% a few years ago. With a majority of companies planning to shift to a heavier focus on remote work, the question on every communicator's mind is: “how do I engage my remote, distributed workforce?”

We’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is that there are a lot of companies and IC professionals that have been engaging a distributed workforce even before the pandemic started.

The bad news is that, unfortunately, there really isn’t a 1-size-fits-all. So that’s why we went out and got a few more opinions.

In this session, 9 IC experts shared their #1 tip to engage a distributed workforce. Listen to speakers from Standard Chartered, CEMEX and more that shared their insights on how to engage employees in the age of remote work.

  • Kriti Pradhan - Internal & External Communications, Digital Communications for HR @ Bennett Coleman and Co. Ltd. (Times Group)
  • Irina Panayotova - Senior Employee Communications Professional, Sutherland Alumna
  • Meghna Bharat - Specialist, Corporate Communications
  • Justin Robbins - Communication Expert, IOIC Fellow, Co-Founder of Fit2Communicate
  • Michele Martin - Manager, Internal Communications, Strategic Priorities @ London Health Sciences Center
  • Mariana Lamadrid Padilla - Corporate Communications Advisor @ CEMEX
  • Ray Walsh - Communications and Internal Localization Consultant
  • Adam Chiasson - Communications Director @ Standard Chartered Bank
  • Aleksander Cardwell - Product Marketing Manager @ Smarp