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How BDO in Australia Reached 3M People on Social Media With Smarp

The challenge:

Even though BDO in Australia invests in creating great content, not all of its people actively shared BDO-related content with their personal networks before using Smarp. The organisation noticed that one of the reasons why employees were reluctant to share professional content with their networks was because it was difficult for them to find content related to their expertise and catch up with the company news.

By implementing Smarp, BDO in Australia wanted to make it easy for employees to find and share industry trends and BDO-related content on social media. That way they could grow their thought leadership and have engaging discussions with their clients on social media all while improving the organisation’s reach and brand image.

In this success story, you'll find out how Smarp helps BDO in Australia to:

  • Share industry-related content and BDO news internally and externally in a more effective way
  • Support its people's personal branding efforts and thought leadership on social media 
  • Improve the organisation's social reach and image on social media
  • Encourage employees to create business development opportunities through engaging discussions with clients and leads on social media.

Smarp is a trusted partner of BDO in Australia, New Zealand and Scandinavia.

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