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BNI Improves Employee Engagement with Smarp

The challenge:

Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) was facing one of the most common organisational challenges: a siloed organisation where employees miss out on important information. The 30,000 employees were scattered across over 13,000 islands and BNI didn’t use any app to help them catch up on company news, product updates and industry trends.

BNI also wanted to support employees in their personal branding efforts: some generations were more comfortable with using social media than others and not all of those who were actively sharing content on their social media channels were able to measure the results accordingly. BNI was looking for an app that would help employees to share brand-related content internally but also on social media. The company wanted to effectively bring employees closer to each other.

In this success story, you'll find out how Smarp helped BNI to:

  • Break down silos and improve cross-departmental communication
  • Keep employees well informed
  • Encourage employees to share professional content on social media
  • Increase employee engagement

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