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Comms Helpline 2: Engaging a Remote Workforce

Over 600 internal comms and employee engagement professionals joined the first-ever Comms Helpline call in April 2020 to discuss dealing with the COVID-19 crisis.

The idea was simple: To help one another deal with the immense responsibility that rests on the shoulders of communication professionals right now.

As we continue to work through this crisis, it’s become apparent that remote work is one of the main challenges we’re all faced with:

“More than twice as many people are working remotely in North America compared to last year’s average.”

With that mind, it made sense to get the community back together to share tips and advice on how to engage a remote workforce.

☎️ We asked comms professionals to call in to ask questions, give advice, or simply to listen to the discussion.

This session was 100% about them and their questions. There is was slide presentation or hidden sales pitch.

To guide the call, we were joined by 3 superstar communicators:

  • Jenni Field, Director @ Redefining Communications & CIPR President
  • Janet Hitchen, Founder @ Janco
  • Shel Holtz, Director of Internal Communications @ WEBCOR and IABC fellow

Check out the recording to hear the discussion around engaging a remote workforce!

Question timestamps:

7:20 - What is the most underrated channel/tool when it comes to engaging with a remote and diverse workforce?

17:00 - I am specifically looking to understand how can we better engage employees who have recently been onboarded in their new workplace?

28:20 - With people working remotely, there is more emergence of inconsistent communication and subculture pockets amidst different departments (for better and for worse).  Employees are only communicating directly with their immediate team, and bubbles are developing. How can we cultivate more consistency?

36:43 - What info should we be relaying to furloughed employees to keep them up-to-date but not overstepping the rules? And any tips on how to almost re-onboard employees who will have been on furlough for 12+ weeks?

45:40 - What is the best way to break the news about layoffs or pay reductions?

54:15 - What is your one tip for setting up an internal communications function in an organisation that has a predominantly disconnected workforce? The challenge is to move the conversation away from functional daily communications to a wider focus on the business strategy.