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Internal communications need more attention in today’s enterprise organizations. Despite its strategic importance in reaching business goals, some of the stats and data points gathered on the state of IC can be quite worrying. For example:

“72% of employees don’t have a full understanding of their company’s strategy.” - IBM

If something as crucial as company strategy remains ambiguous to nearly 3 out of 4 employees globally, what else are companies overlooking when it comes to comms?

To shed some light and build more awareness around all the ways communications drives business impact, we’re hosting the first ever live COMMS TRIVIA!

If you have a lot of knowledge on internal communications, a knack for doing well in quizzes or simply want to learn more about IC, this session is for you.

A trivia is not complete unless you have strong players.

To help guide us through the session, we have invited two expert internal communication practitioners to weigh in on the topics:

  • Jennifer De Vries, Director of Communications @ ATB Financial
  • Belén Presas Mata, Global HR Planning & Internal Communications @ Radisson Hotel Group


The agenda is simple: we ask the questions and Jennifer and Belén will have a chance to weigh in and pick their answers.

Watch the session now!

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