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How Coca-Cola HBC scaled their employer brand with Smarp

Coca-Cola HBC needed a platform to help scale their employer brand and employee value proposition. Smarp provided them with the user experience, flexibility and integrations they needed to reach their networks through their most trusted asset: their employees.

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How Telia Grew Their Market Share Through Smarp

Telia needed a platform that could help them not only distribute company news and updates to their employees, but also enable their employees to act as brand ambassadors and spread the word.

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Rabobank Gets Closer to Their Customers

Rabobank was looking for a solution that would allow them to get closer to their customers in the face of a digitizing world. Using Smarp, Rabobank has achieved just this, with more customer engagement, enhanced brand awareness and alignment around a common mission.

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How Swarovski Empowers and Inspires its Employees With Smarp

Swarovski were looking for a solution that would make it easy for the employees to keep up with the latest industry trends, share their knowledge with their colleagues as well as their personal networks, and drive engaging conversations around the company updates and milestones.

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Employees Take an Active Role in SThree’s Communications Strategy with Smarp

The communication team was looking for a solution that would help SThree employees position themselves as trusted advisors all while strengthening the Group’s image as an industry leader.

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How Spar Nord Is Becoming the Number One Personal Bank in Denmark with Smarp

Spar Nord saw the opportunity to take the bank's communications strategy to the next level by shifting Smarp from an employee advocacy tool to an employee communications platform.

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The American Medical Association Embraces Mobile-First Communications with Smarp

The American Medical Association was looking for a mobile-first communications platform that would make it easy for their members to access and engage with AMA content at their convenience, no matter where they are located.

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How KPMG Sweden Took Their Employee Communications to the Next Level with Smarp

Check out in this success story how KPMG Sweden has achieved a 420% return on investment with Smarp.

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How APSIS Generated 6.11K Reactions on Social Media Through Smarp 

APSIS was looking for a solution that would help them drive qualified web traffic, improve engagement on social media, and generate leads.

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Jabra Uses Smarp for Content Marketing Optimization

Before using Smarp, the company was producing plenty of content across its platforms, but in silos and with many different objectives.

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How BDO in Australia Reached 3M People on Social Media with Smarp

By implementing Smarp, BDO in Australia wanted to make it easy for employees to find and share industry trends and BDO-related content on social media.

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How MuleSoft's Sales Teams Have Lowered their Cost Per Lead with Smarp

MuleSoft was looking for a solution to take their social selling strategy to the next level. Check out how Smarp has helped the sales teams lower their cost per lead.

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LR Senergy Uses Smarp to Develop a Successful Content Strategy

LR Senergy operates in a knowledge-intensive sector and has a very strong technical workforce.

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How BNI Has Generated 96K Reactions on Social Media with Smarp

At BNI, employees were scattered across over 13,000 islands. Check out how Smarp helps BNI keep employees connected and informed all while driving engagement around the organization's content on social media.

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Dura Vermeer Empowers Employees on Social Media With Smarp

Dura Vermeer wanted to give the opportunity to their employees to support the company’s image and brand awareness. The goal was to help them becoming brand ambassadors on social media so they could contribute to Dura Vermeer’s communication strategy and better connect with the brand.

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