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Dura Vermeer Empowers Employees on Social Media With Smarp

About Dura Vermeer

Headquartered in Rotterdam, Dura Vermeer provides construction, infrastructure, and engineering services. The company offers industry-leading, integrated and sustainable solutions for a wide range of building projects, from residential building, to infrastructure and industrial construction projects.

Employees become Dura Vermeer’s best brand advocates on social media

Dura Vermeer wanted to give the opportunity to employees to support the company’s image and brand awareness. The goal was to help them become brand ambassadors on social media so they could contribute to Dura Vermeer’s communication strategy and better connect with the brand. Dura Vermeer was looking for a solution that would make it easy for employees to share company-related content, success stories, news and any industry-related content with their networks. Nowadays, over 500 employees are using Smarp to contribute to the company image and grow their personal brand.

Check out in this video the amazing results in terms of brand awareness, website traffic, employee engagement and talent attraction Dura Vermeer got by using Smarp: