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Employees Take an Active Role in SThree’s Communications Strategy with Smarp

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Employee Communications
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How Smarp helped SThree


Engaging employees with SThree's content — from March to May 2020, user engagement on Smarp was 97%.


Expanding the role employees play in the Group’s communications strategy. The communication team receives 3 to 5 daily requests from employees who want to propose new content on Smarp.


Reaching more than 4 million people on social media in just 6 months.

About SThree

SThree is a leading international STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) recruitment company that employs 3,300 employees in 16 countries. It brings skilled people together to build the future through the provision of talent search and recruitment services.

From its well-established position as a major player in the technology sector, the Group has broadened the base of its operations to include businesses serving the banking & finance, energy, engineering, life sciences, and IT sectors. SThree brands include Madison Black, Global Enterprise Partners, Progressive, Computer Futures, Huxley, and Real Life Sciences.




Objectives and Expectations

Ensuring that employees get the right information in their news feeds

The communication team wanted to rethink the way they communicate with their employees so they could help them provide the best recruitment services to their clients.

They wanted to launch a platform that would allow them to share with the employees the information they need when they need it — from articles on the impacts of COVID-19 on the demand for tech talent to research reports on key topics such as talent acquisition, niche talent in the STEM markets and remote work policies.

Furthermore, the communication team wanted to make it easy for all employees to keep up with SThree news as well as any updates related to the brand they work for. Indeed, the Group has six brands, and the communication team wanted to rethink the way they distribute content internally to make sure that all employees get relevant content in their news feeds.

Encouraging consultants to build their thought leadership online

SThree consultants have extensive knowledge of talent sourcing in the STEM niche markets. They have a comprehensive understanding of the industry trends as well as their clients’ needs in terms of talent acquisition and employee onboarding. However, not all of them would feel comfortable with developing their thought leadership on social media. They wouldn’t necessarily know what types of content and messages to share with their networks. The team was looking for a solution that would help them position themselves as trusted advisors and strengthen the Group's image as an industry leader.

“Our consultants have strong recruitment skills and competencies. They have a deep understanding of talent attraction and acquisition in the STEM markets and we wanted them to share and showcase their knowledge online, especially on LinkedIn, Xing and Facebook. Building a world-class personal brand on social media is vital for every consultant working in a niche market, especially in our industry. It’s all about building a community of multi-skilled experts and taking our brands to the next level”.
Eva Mayer, Content Marketing Manager at SThree





Smarp in Action

A structured onboarding process to help employees get familiar with SThree’s new employee communications

The communication team wanted to help SThree consultants get the most out of Smarp right away. To do so, they launched an onboarding process that included demos of Smarp, personal branding training sessions as well as fresh-up training sessions for those who are already familiar with personal branding and thought leadership on social media.

In addition to these training sessions, the communication team produced informative and educational content such as guides and tutorials, where they shared their communication and personal branding best practices.

The shift to personalized communications

To make sure that consultants receive the information they need in their news feeds, the communication team decided to create six channels on Smarp — one for each brand — as well as additional channels where they share company-wide news and educational materials with all consultants.


Teams responsible for each channel on Smarp upload new content to the platform every day — from videos to infographics, articles, blog posts and press releases. Overall, 60% of the content uploaded to Smarp is created by the communication team and around 40% of the content shared internally comes from third-party websites.


“Sharing with our consultants content that we produce as well as third-party content such as market insights and research reports on talent sourcing is a top priority for us. We want to provide them with all the information and materials they need so they can be successful in their jobs. That’s what I like the most about Smarp. It helps us curate content for our consultants, which makes their lives much easier! We monitor the latest industry news and research reports and upload them to Smarp right away. Our consultants don’t have to spend time looking for the content they need anymore as it’s already in their news feeds on Smarp”.
Eva Mayer, Content Marketing Manager at SThree

The launch of campaigns to better engage employees with SThree's content

Not only did the communication team want SThree consultants to stay informed about the company news and keep up with the latest industry trends, but they also wanted them to engage more with the Group's content. To do so, they decided to launch campaigns on Smarp.

In essence, employees are encouraged to read, comment upon and share content through gamification and incentives. This type of initiative is launched each time the communication team releases white papers or research reports on the STEM markets. The team keeps track of the success of the campaigns and rewards the consultants who drive the highest levels of engagement on social media.

For example, the team has launched a campaign to encourage consultants to engage with the latest SThree’s So arbeitet Deutschland white paper released a few weeks ago.

Consultants were encouraged to read and share it with their networks. The ones who drove reactions and insightful conversations around the report on Xing and LinkedIn received points that they could use to claim perks, including Amazon vouchers.


“Even though our consultants are eager to develop their skills and keep up with the latest industry trends, they might be discouraged to do so because they might feel they don’t have enough time for that. So, to make knowledge sharing a bit more fun and entertaining, we decided to create campaigns and use incentives on Smarp. We don’t pay that much attention to the number of white papers and research reports our consultants share, but instead, we value the quality of the discussions and the levels of engagement they drive on social media”.
Eva Mayer, Content Marketing Manager at SThree




Results Achieved with Smarp

Engagement on Smarp hits 97% during COVID-19

With Smarp, the communication team has managed to improve the way consultants interact and engage with the content they receive in their news feeds and the stats speak for themselves: user engagement on the platform hit 97% during the COVID-19 crisis (from March to May 2020).

“Getting employees to read and engage with the messages you share with them can be challenging and Smarp has been of great help for that. I think it all comes down to the way we’re able to segment our content on the platform. For example, we can tailor employees’ news feeds based on their roles, expertise, and the brand they work for. At the end of the day, building a successful employee communications strategy is all about sharing the right information with the right employees. If you share with your employees the information they need and the content they are interested in, you’ll manage to catch their attention and drive conversations that help them in their daily jobs”.
Eva Mayer, Content Marketing Manager at SThree

Not only do consultants engage with the content the communication team shares with them, but they also actively propose new content they find interesting for their colleagues. On average, the team receives 3 to 5 requests per day from consultants who want to share new content with their colleagues.

“The fact that consultants can propose new content on Smarp is a great way to drive conversations and two-way communications at SThree. Engaging with employees is not about having the CEO or the communication team share messages with the employees and implementing pulse surveys to collect their feedback once in a while. Instead, it’s all about letting them take an active role in employee communications on a daily basis”.
Eva Mayer, Content Marketing Manager at SThree

SThree’s consultants reach more than 4 million people on social media in just 6 months

By sharing insightful content with their networks, not only do SThree consultants build strong personal brands, but they also increase the Group’s awareness and reach on social media. From January 2020 to June 2020, they have been able to reach 4.8 million people on LinkedIn and Xing through Smarp.

“By building their thought leadership on social media, our consultants naturally develop the visibility of our brands and build trust in our Group. We realized that their combined social media reach is 10 times larger than the Group’s and that the engagement driven around our content is 8 times higher when it’s shared by our consultants. It’s all about sharing knowledge and building a community of highly skilled professionals who share the same vision and values
Eva Mayer, Content Marketing Manager at SThree

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