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Growing With Your Most Underrated Marketing Channel


Let's face it. People today hate being sold and marketed to. With the sheer amount of marketing and advertising in the market today, people have become exceptionally good at tuning out brand messaging. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that statistics like these exist:

  • 50-70% of marketing content goes unread (Content Marketing Institute)
  • 83% of people consider online advertising as disrupting (Rakuten Marketing)
  • Overall display click-through rates are at 0.05% (Smart Insights)

Faced with such trends, how can marketers today stay effective at their jobs? Watch our on-demand webinar to find out!

Smarp and Sigstr teamed up to discuss how to drive brand awareness and demand generation through your most underrated marketing channel: your employees.

❗️ Join Aleks and Justin for a session that will include deep dives on topics like:

  • Authenticity in marketing
  • Storytelling as the driver of attention
  • The emergence of the micro marketer
  • Why having employee advocates has never been more important

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