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How APSIS Generated 6.11K Reactions on Social Media Through Smarp


APSIS is a marketing and software company headquartered in Malmö, Sweden.The company was founded 18 years ago by Anders Frankel and it has become one of the leading providers of digital marketing solutions in Nordic countries.             

Apsis logoAt APSIS, employees combine technology with expertise to develop personalised email marketing, marketing automation, and e-commerce solutions. APSIS also provides consulting and training services to help companies take their digital marketing strategy to the next level.

APSIS has over 4,000 customers around the world including Arla, Kappahl, WWF, and Svenssons to name a few. The company has several offices in Europe (Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark) and Hong Kong.

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Objectives and expectations


At APSIS, employees are happy to share best practices with their clients, networks, and any professional who wants to learn more about the latest digital marketing trends. To do so, they combine their expertise to host seminars and webinars and to release educational materials such as handbooks and guides for digital marketers.

The marketing and communication team writes blog posts on a regular basis where they share their thoughts, tips and tricks, and predictions on several topics including e-commerce, marketing automation, customer data profiling and email marketing. They also actively use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn where they introduce their teams with the hashtag #MeetOurTeam, and share eye-catching content such as short videos, quotes from their customers, digital marketing stats and the latest news related to their solutions.

Before launching Smarp, APSIS was facing one of the most common challenges faced by businesses: even though they put time and effort into creating valuable content, a large part of it goes unseen.

The company was looking for a solution that would help them drive qualified web traffic, improve engagement on social media, and generate leads. In parallel, they wanted to help their employees grow their personal brand on social media. They were looking for a solution that would help them encourage their employees to position themselves as industry experts on social media.

All employees at APSIS have social media accounts and share informative content with their networks. However, not all of them were actively sharing APSIS or industry-related content on a regular basis because of a lack of time and also because the company didn’t have a tool to encourage employees to be consistent with their personal branding efforts. That’s when APSIS decided to launch an employee advocacy program with Smarp!


Smarp in action


The launch of Smarp was announced across the organization by the marketing and communication team. The communication on the launch of Smarp was open and transparent: they explained to the employees the benefits of Smarp for the brand and for their personal brands, how the solution works, and they also shared social media best practices.

Employees were invited to attend demos and workshop sessions so they could make the best out of Smarp and share their personal branding best practices.

Employees started to actively use Smarp as soon as the solution was launched. The content they share with their networks includes blog posts, handbooks, job ads, company news, and product updates. To keep employees engaged, Smarp admins upload content to Smarp on a regular basis.

However, they don’t want employees’ feeds to get overloaded. To make it easy for employees to keep up with the company news, they’ve decided to upload one piece of content a day to Smarp. That way, employees can keep up with the content produced by the marketing and communication team and easily share content that is relevant to their networks.

Smarp users are invited to make suggestions, request specific content, and share feedback. They receive on a monthly basis an email where Smarp admins share personal branding tips and tricks and announce the top 10 users of the month. And to make the participation to the employee advocacy program more fun, employees get points based on their activity on Smarp and they can use them either to claim a small perk or to vote for the non-profit charities they would like APSIS to support!


Results achieved with Smarp


In less than one year, employees have reached approximately 3.09M people on social media through Smarp. They generated 3.7K shares, 5K unique clicks and 6.11K reactions. What’s more, the clicks per share they’ve generated on Facebook are way above the average click-through-rate generated on this channel in B2B: on average, employees have generated 3.16 clicks per share through Smarp while the average CTR on Facebook in B2B is 0.78%.

Not only did Smarp help APSIS drive traffic to their website, it also helped the sales team generate more qualified leads. By sharing educational and relevant content to their personal networks, employees were able to reach their target audience and create word-of-mouth around APSIS. Since its launch in January 2017, Smarp has been a critical success factor for the company.

In parallel to these results, Smarp helped APSIS encourage employees to share their knowledge on social media. By posting company updates and educational materials such as blog posts and handbooks on a regular basis, they’ve managed to position themselves as experts in digital marketing, marketing automation, and e-commerce. After all, APSIS is all about people and their expertise!


What our client says about Smarp


Mohammed Raad “Smarp has been a valuable addition to our digital marketing ecosystem. Not only has it empowered our team members to regularly share valuable insights, but also enabled us to raise our brand awareness and amplify our presence on social media channels.”

Mohammed Raad - Digital Marketing Manager



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