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How BNI Has Generated 96K Reactions on Social Media Through Smarp

About BNI 


Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) is the Indonesian State Bank, founded in 1946. It is headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, with branches also in Sin1200px-BankNegaraIndonesia46-logo.svggapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York, London, Seoul, and a Representative Office in Yangon. BNI offers a range of financial services, with a focus on personal banking, priority banking, business banking, international banking, and treasury.

Objectives and expectations

In the spring of 2016, the Indonesian State bank, Bank Negara Indonesia, was struggling with an issue common to a big company: engaging its large staff, in this case of over 30,000 employees. Geography was a major factor here: employees were scattered across over 13 000 islands, which posed a problem from the marketing perspective. Certain generations were also more comfortable with using social media than others. Those who were actively sharing content on their social media channels were not able to measure the results accordingly.

Smarp in action

To amp up its content production and spread it more effectively externally and internally, the bank needed to engage its employees into spreading content systematically. Smarp provided a way for the company to combine content in one place and share it across different regions. It was also a way to effectively bring employees closer to each other and prospects. The bank launched Smarp in April 2016. The brand ambassador program was socialized and established through an internal program inside the bank. Its employees were established as brand ambassadors, with certain people becoming internal champions of the tool.

The engagement rate of the program has been astounding; 80% of the company’s employees have been interested in sharing company-related content. With internal notes, the bank has promoted their own social media campaigns, and the HR department has leveraged Smarp to promote open positions. A number of BNI news have even gone viral. The management has been surprised and pleased by the measurability of the program, and individuals have seen a lift to their personal brands.

Results achieved with Smarp

BNI reports that the process of providing content has been smoothened, and information can now be provided across departments and regions. Employees are now more aware of what is happening with the brand. The management has been pleased with being able to measure the value of sharing company content on social media, and after launching the program in April 2016, the bank has been able to garner 76K shares, 85K clicks and 96K reactions with content shared through Smarp. In just seven days, BNI reached 6000 US dollars in Estimated Earned Media Value. The cost-efficiency of job advertising has gone up, along with traffic to the company’s mini blog.

What our client says about Smarp

“Smarp is a great tool to support our Employee Advocacy program. We believe that our cooperation with Smarp will pull out the maximum potential of our employees and create strong influence on social media.”

Dadang Purwaganda, AVP Internal Communication - Corporate Communication Division at BNI

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