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How KPMG Sweden Took Its Employee Communications to the Next Level with Smarp

How KPMG Sweden has achieved a 420% return on investment with Smarp.

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How Smarp helped KPMG Sweden


Improving KPMG Sweden’s reach: employees have reached 1.63M people through Smarp on social media


Driving engagement on social media. In less than one year, employees have generated 1.74K shares, 12.90K unique clicks and 10.90K reactions on social media.


Achieving a return of investment of 420% with Smarp

About KPMG Sweden 

KPMG Sweden is part of KPMG International, a global network of more than 207,000 specialists offering audit, assurance, tax, legal, and advisory services to different industries across the globe. KPMG Sweden helps businesses embrace digital transformation and turn business challenges into opportunities. The firm also releases reports and studies on key topics such as sustainability, data-driven technologies, and cybersecurity.

The 1,500 dedicated employees working at KPMG Sweden help companies in multiple industries tackle the operational efficiency, risk management, tax compliance and change management challenges they’re facing.




Objectives and expectations

KPMG Sweden was looking for a solution that would encourage employees to have more conversations around the business and the industry. The organization also expected Smarp to help them tackle one of the workplace communications challenges they were facing — the silo effect.

Indeed, KPMG Sweden has a complex internal structure which made it challenging for the teams to effectively communicate and keep up with what each department was working on. Enabling employees to successfully communicate was on the top of KPMG Sweden’s priorities.

“The Smarp platform has helped us in our work to empower employees, increase internal conversations and build brand awareness. By using Smarp, we have reduced the internal silo effect while helping our employees to engage with their networks.”
Laura Manninen, Head of Content Marketing & External Communications


What’s more, KPMG Sweden produces plenty of editorial and added-value content such as studies, expert interviews, and global barometers. But they quickly realized that the content they’ve been investing in didn’t reach the visibility and engagement they originally expected.

Their top priority was employee experience — even though most of the employees working at KPMG Sweden are digital native and tech-savvy, some of them may not feel comfortable with using a new communications tool.

The team didn’t want anyone to struggle with a new tool or a new way of communicating in the workplace. Their goal was to implement a communications platform that would be user-friendly and easy to get started with. That’s how they decided to launch Smarp.


Smarp in action

Launching Smarp at KPMG Sweden

KPMG Sweden launched Smarp in fall 2017. The team didn’t feel the need to set up webinars or workshops for the launch as the platform is easy to use and pretty straight-forward. Instead, they put together educational materials — including short user guides and videos — to help employees drive more conversations around KPMG Sweden, KPMG International, and the industry.

In parallel, the team runs an open house where employees can ask for tips and advice to improve their communication skills. It’s also a great way for them to share their best practices for getting the most out of Smarp!

Reaching every employee with the right information at the right time

The team knew that content is the key when it comes to employee communications. They decided to personalize their internal communications through Smarp so they could make sure that each employee receives the right information at the right time, no matter where they are located.

To keep employees engaged, they upload to Smarp high-performing types of content such as videos, case studies, global barometers, and employee testimonials.

Smarp was launched not only to improve KPMG Sweden’s employee communications but also to help employees position themselves as industry experts. To do so, the firm uses the platform to encourage employees to keep up with the latest industry news and trends. With Smarp, they could make sure that employees receive the right information at the right time.

What’s more, the team was looking for an employee communications platform that would help them segment their content based on employees’ roles, location and languages they speak so they wouldn’t feel overwhelmed with irrelevant information.

Indeed, KPMG Sweden wanted to focus on the quality of the conversations employees have around key topics related to KPMG and the industry, not the number of the posts shared with the employees.




Results achieved with Smarp

Smarp has helped KPMG Sweden grow their business in many different ways, from the improvement of their employee communications to higher employee engagement rates, new hires, and the creation of new business opportunities. Overall, KPMG Sweden has achieved a 420% return on investment with Smarp.

Improved communication in the workplace

Smarp has helped KPMG Sweden take their internal communications to the next level. Now, employees have discussions around the latest company news and industry trends on a regular basis. They also share their communications best practices internally. Smarp makes it easier for them to catch up with what’s happening in KPMG Sweden, but also in the global KPMG network as well as in external media.

What’s more, Smarp has encouraged cross-departmental communications within the organization. Employees working in the advisory team are now aware of what their colleagues from the tax or employer branding teams are working on. The platform is a great way to enhance information flow within the organization.

As a result, employees are connected with their colleagues and they can better coordinate their work.

Overall, Smarp has helped KPMG Sweden redefine their internal communications strategy, inspire, connect and engage their employees.

Brand awareness and engagement around KPMG’s content

The benefits Smarp brought to KPMG Sweden go beyond internal communications. In less than one year, employees have generated 1.74K shares and 12.90K unique clicks. What’s more, posts shared by employees have driven 10.90K reactions on social media.

Overall, employees have managed to reach 1.63M people within KPMG Sweden’s target audience!

Business growth

Not only does Smarp help employees catch up with the company news and stay informed, but it also helps them generate leads and create new business opportunities.

Indeed, by encouraging employees to share informative and engaging content on a regular basis, the platform helps employees build trust in their networks.

Another way Smarp contributes to KPMG Sweden’s growth is through talent attraction. As we all know, hiring the best people is the secret sauce to skyrocketing a business!

By sharing company news, employees increase awareness around KPMG Sweden and interest in the organization.

As a result, the company continuously improves the quality of its candidate pool and keeps receiving open applications from top talent. Several discussions initiated through Smarp has led to hires. That’s the power of word-of-mouth!

“The Smarp platform has helped us in our work to empower employees, increase internal conversations and build brand awareness. By using Smarp, we have reduced the internal silo effect while helping our employees to engage with their networks.”
Laura Manninen, Head of Content Marketing & External Communications

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