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How to be a though leader in your space? Learn from

“Thought leaders in the travel industry”. What company comes to mind? That’s right -

But a strong brand alone could never do it - to become a thought leader in your space you need support from your employees, the experts in their fields. Luckily account managers are up to the task.💪

To learn more about the magic behind a successful employee advocacy program, we invited Najib Kuijstermans, Program Manager at to share his learnings on:

  • What was journey behind implementing an advocacy program
  • How do they empower employees to become thought leaders
  • How does it look from the perspective of an account manager
  • How gamification works in different regions
  • What are Najib’s first learnings from running an advocacy program

Watch the recording, and learn how these practices can help you establish your sales team as thought leaders in front of your prospects.