Communicate effectively with your entire workforce
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How to Communicate with the Modern Employee


Our expectations for communications have increased drastically in the last decade with the proliferation of technologies that deliver valuable information to us. As consumers, we expect information to find us, anywhere, anytime. The same behaviour holds true in an employee communication setting but unfortunately, many businesses still struggle to connect their employees with relevant company and industry information.

This undeniable change is here and naturally, some businesses will respond quickly and thrive, while others face the threat of becoming irrelevant. In this session, we’ll discuss how technology can support the new era of employee communication and help businesses effectively inform and engage their employees.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • How employee communication is evolving to match our communication habits as consumers
  • What you can do to modernise your communications
  • Why simply creating content has zero monetary value (and how to get your content seen, read and shared)
  • How technology can help business track and measure employee engagement


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