On-Demand Webinar

How to Crush Your Marketing Targets in 2019


As a marketer, you need to make sure your content generates sales. You’re probably already promoting it on your website, emails, social media and paid ads. And that’s great. But often, you need to get it in front of more of the right people to reach your targets.

Sounds familiar? Having all the great content you create not convert can be quite frustrating.

That’s why Smarp and Zoho PageSense partnered up to bring you a deep dive on:

  • How you can leverage your employees and their networks to multiply your content reach (at a fraction of the cost of paid ads)
  • How you can convert all the new traffic coming to your website into sales

This webinar is valuable for anyone looking to:

  • Increase content reach and authenticity
  • Drive more qualified views, reads and clicks
  • Improve website conversion rates
  • And of course, smoother conversations with your boss!


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