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How To Use Video To Communicate With Employees: 5 Hacks

Video as a medium of communication has exploded in popularity over the last few decades. From YouTube to TikTok – video has truly changed the way we consume information in our personal lives.

But that doesn’t have to stop at home. The way we are using video at work is evolving, too. And the consensus among internal comms practitioners is clear:

“Over 85% of internal communicators rate video as an effective communications channel”


The benefits of video in internal communications are undeniable. However, making it work for you is easier said than done. How do you produce enough of the right video? How do you enable employees and leaders to create their own videos?

And most importantly: how do you make sure that video isn’t used just once in a blue moon, but rather really made a part of your communication strategy?

To help you plan your next step, we brought together 3 leading video communications experts that shared their 5 hacks on how to use video to communicate with your employees:

  • Marielle Harsveldt, Head of Global Internal Communications @ Aegon
  • Andrea Greenhous, Founder @ Vision2Voice Communications
  • Johnathan Tetsill, Managing Director @ Feedback Films

💡 Whether you’re new to video or a seasoned veteran, this session will give you 5 actionable hacks that you can write down and leverage in your communications strategy day in, day out.



06:31 – Hack 1: Don’t start with “we need a video”. Start with why you need a video.
18:00 – Hack 2: Showcase your people.
27:55 – Hack 3: Not every video needs to be under 2 minutes long.
36:16 – Hack 4: Leverage the video camera that employees carry day in day out.
44:43 – Hack 5: Balance between videos that employees want and what corporate thinks they need.
52:37 – Bonus hack: There are a lot of ways to measure success.