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Jabra Uses Smarp for Content Marketing Optimization

The challenge:

Jabra is one of the world’s leading providers of wireless and corded headsets. Before using Smarp, the company was producing plenty of content across its platforms, but in silos and with many different objectives. Jabra was looking for a solution to better coordinate the production of new content, increase brand awareness and engage employees. 

Jabra used Smarp to tackle problems of streamlining the company’s content production. The app had an intuitive set-up for users all while providing deep analytics to admins. It was the perfect solution to establish common social media guidelines for employees and measure the company’s social media presence and content marketing ROI.

In this success story, you'll find out how Smarp helped Jabra to:

  • Improve its content marketing strategy
  • Encourage employees to share brand and industry-related content on social media
  • Support B2B sales people in their social selling efforts

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