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LR Senergy Uses Smarp to Develop a Successful Content Strategy

The challenge:

LR Senergy operates in a knowledge-intensive sector and has a very strong technical workforce. It had a pool of content, but no platform for spreading the information its customers were looking for – information on certification and inspection processes, consulting and training services, and risk management.

The company was also looking for a solution to increase brand awareness, drive more traffic to the website and communicate the new organizational structure to their customers and leads: LR Senergy was a division of Lloyd’s Register, a major provider of risk management services in the energy industry before undergoing a full integration with this bigger company.

In this success story, you'll find out how Smarp helped LR Senergy to:

  • Leverage its content marketing strategy
  • Generate marketing qualified leads
  • Drive sales discussions on social media
  • Communicate its new brand positioning
  • Increase website traffic

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