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Masterclass: How Rabobank 5X’ed Their Employee Advocacy ROI

$865 000 worth of visibility on social media
300 000 unique website visitors
97% user engagement

These are some of the results Rabobank achieved in one calendar year in their employee advocacy program.

Want to know how they got here? Or how you could do it yourself?

You’re in luck, because they are happy to share their insights!

In this online session, Tessa Wagensveld, Social Media Lead at Rabobank, shared her learnings from running an enterprise employee advocacy program. During the session, we’ve covered:

  • Why Rabobank decided to invest in employee advocacy
  • How to design a program your employees will volunteer to join
  • One year of results from a dedicated advocacy program
  • Learnings: what Tessa would do differently if she started from zero