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Building Your Brand Through Employees: The Salesforce Way


Building your brand through employees: the Salesforce way

For Salesforce, brand recognition is not an issue.

So why do they go above and beyond to involve their employees in their brand building activities?

To find out why, we invited Jesse Sacks-Hoppenfeld, Associate Manager of Social Content Strategy & Operations at Salesforce to share his learnings on:

  •  The role of employees in building the Salesforce brand
  •  How Salesforce engages a global workforce with relevant content
  •  How to make your employees part of your social media strategy
  •  How Salesforce measures the impact of these initiatives
  •  Learnings: what Jesse would do differently if he started from zero

Watch this recording and learn how these practices can help you scale your brand awareness, reach a broader audience and help your messages become much, MUCH more authentic.