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How To Use Video To Communicate With Employees: 5 Hacks

Watch this webinar where we brought together 3 leading video communications experts that shared their 5 hacks on how to use video to communicate with your employees.

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Strategic Planning Live: What Should Internal Comms be Measuring

Watch this webinar where we will walk through some real, tangible examples on how to measure and justify your communication programs by putting as much emphasis on business outcomes as on communication outputs.

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The Great Comms Debate 4

It’s that time of the quarter again! The time that we gather together for an open, honest debate about internal communications best practices. This time with Steve Crescenzo, CEO at Crescenzo Communications, Rachel Thornton, Co-founder & Owner at Scarlettabbott and Rachel Miller, Director at All Things IC.

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How to Write So That Your Employees Want To Read: Five Golden Rules

Let’s face it. Getting employees to read and engage with your communications is hard work. Join this webinar where we are hosting a cross-functional panel of copywriting experts that have agreed to share their 5 golden rules on how to write so that your employees want to read.

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Comms Helpline: Engaging a Remote Workforce

As we continue to work through this crisis, it’s become apparent that remote work is one of the main challenges we’re all faced with. Watch this online session where we got the community back together to share tips and advice on how to engage a remote workforce.

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The Great Comms Debate 3

IC has taken center stage and the actions taken by the IC community today will shape the future of the profession. Whether you’re new to communications or a seasoned veteran, this session should give you plenty of insights to take back with you as you work towards enhancing your communications in this time of crisis.

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Comms Helpline: Dealing with the COVID-19 Crisis

As the coronavirus crisis unfolds globally, we’re watching internal communications emerge as a core function responsible for keeping staff and business connected and safe. Watch this online session for an honest, open discussion about the best course of action from here on.

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Employee Communications 101: A Chat with G2

Watch this online session to find out the ins and outs of Employee Communications and how to effectively communicate with your entire workforce in 2020 and beyond.

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Comms Trivia

Internal communications need more attention in today’s enterprise organizations. Watch this webinar where we shed some light and build more awareness around all the ways communications drives business impact.

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The Great Comms Debate 2

The Great Comms Debate is back! This time with Jennifer Sproul, Chief Executive at Institute of Internal Communication, Advita Patel, Director at Comms Rebel and Brad Whitworth, Senior Communications Manager at Hitachi Vantara.

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6½ M&A Secrets: A Chat With Internal Comms

Watch this webinar where we shed some light on M&A internal communications best practices. Jason Anthoine will give us his hard-won insights about M&A internal comms and share with us his 6½ top secrets for success.

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Reputation & Crisis Management

So how can your organization protect itself and ensure that you have strategy in place for when online crisis strikes? Watch this webinar to find out how to safeguard your brand from inside to outside. 

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Great Comms Debate


The Great Comms Debate

Whether you’re new to communications or a seasoned veteran, this session should give you plenty of insights to take back with you as you work towards elevating IC in your organization.

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Growing With Your Most Underrated Marketing Channel

Watch this webinar to find out how to drive brand awareness and demand generation through your most underrated marketing channel: your employees.

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How to Communicate with the Modern Employee

Watch this webinar to learn how employee communication is evolving to match our communication habits as consumers and what you can do to modernize your communications.

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The Future of Talent Acquisition: What You Should Focus on in 2020

Watch this webinar to learn how you can create a successful employer branding strategy, why having employee brand ambassadors is crucial and how technology can prevent talent shortage at your organization.

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How to Crush Your Marketing Targets in 2019

Watch this webinar to learn how you can leverage your employees and their networks to multiply your content reach and how you can convert all the new traffic coming to your website into sales.

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How to Maximise Marketing Impact with Employee Advocacy

Watch this webinar and you'll learn how to effectively engage your employees, increase brand awareness and ultimately grow your business.

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How to Engage and Inform Employees in the Enterprise

Watch this webinar to find out how to combine both your internal and external communications intuitively in order to boost engagement and performance within your organization.

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How to Boost Lead Generation with Employee Advocacy

Watch this webinar to learn how you can leverage employee advocacy and the power of networks to give your content the attention it deserves with increased reach, trust and content marketing ROI.

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Learnings from Three Employee Advocacy Programs

Watch this webinar with Nicola Gormley and Steve Plowman from Smarp for a 10-question fireside chat around the ins and outs of launching and managing an employee advocacy program.

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the future of employee communication

The Future of Employee Communication

Join Smarp's Co-Founder/CEO Roope Heinilä for a deep dive on modern workforce communications. Learn how to enable your employees to spend less time searching for information and allow them to be more informed and engaged at the workplace.

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How to Empower Your Employees

Ryan Foland is a recognized personal branding expert who will take a deep dive into employee communication and how you can empower your employees to speak for your brand and share your vision, all while supporting them to bring their whole selves to work.

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