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Skillset Map of a Modern IC Department

Skillset Map of a Modern Internal Comms Department-1

Over the years, internal comms have evolved into a complex strategic role essential for a company's success. To be able to qualify as an expert in the field, a modern IC practitioner has to be at the forefront of innovation, creativity, and change. With that in mind, we decided to conduct this research to find and systemize the required skills for modern communication practitioners.

This research is based on the materials from G2, The Institute of Internal Communication, and the book on Successful Employee Communications by Sue Dewhurst & Liam Fitzpatrick. We also reached out to seven IC professionals for their practical input on this topic. 

Disclaimer ⚠️The skillset map is designed to show how broad and complex the requirements for internal comms specialists are in 2020. It may look complex, but it's supposed to be so. Take your time to explore it and apply it to your profile.

It’s about quality, not quantity. Mastering even one of the skills listed here can make you a valuable asset. The skills listed here do not make a checklist ⏤ it's a guideline that can help you identify areas for further development as a professional and move towards a more strategic role in your organization.

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