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Strategic Planning Live: What Should Internal Comms be Measuring

It’s no secret that measuring the success of internal communications is not an easy task. While there is a consensus that communications departments need to move from analyzing outputs to measuring outcomes, in practice, this can be tricky. But what’s worse is that, according to recent research:

“60% of IC practitioners are still not measuring internal communication”


So what can IC practitioners looking to improve (or in some cases, begin) the measurement of their internal comms do? Well, we’ve got a place to start.

To help you get started as well as to shed some light on internal communications measurement best practices, we were excited to host an industry thought leader with more than 40 years of IC measurement experience – Brad Whitworth.

Along with Brad, we walked through some real, tangible examples on how to measure and justify your communication programs by putting as much emphasis on business outcomes as on communication outputs.

💡 Whether you’re new to comms or a seasoned veteran, this session should give you plenty of insights to take back with you as you work towards improving how you measure internal communications.

In this workshop, you also get a sneak peek to Smarp's brand new analytics suite, Workforce Insights, that combines the power of AI, advanced segmentation, and real-time analytics to measure the impact of employee communications on strategic business goals. Learn more about Workforce Insights and Book a Demo to see it in action.