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The Great Comms Debate 4

The stakes for internal communications have never been higher. Maybe you are dealing with the impact COVID-19 has had on your business. Or maybe you are managing communications related to the impending return to work for many of your employees.

Whatever your situation may be, as a communicator, you surely have a ton of questions on your mind… and even more on your plate.

To help you manage that load, we brought THE GREAT COMMS DEBATE back for round 4!

Just like with previous Comms Debates, the format was an ‘Agree or Disagree’ -style debate. We posed IC related statements and the experts talked it out until we got some answers.

Check out the recording to hear this star-studded panel cover some of the hottest topics in IC today:

  • Rachel Miller, Director @ All Things IC
  • Rachel Thornton, Co-founder & Owner @ Scarlettabbott
  • Steve Crescenzo, CEO @ Crescenzo Communications

💡 Whether you’re new to writing or a seasoned veteran, this session should give you plenty of insights to take back with you as you work towards crafting communications that employees truly want to read.

Statements timestamps:

  • 04:52 - Statement #1: If you have broad communication skills, you can't specialise in Internal Comms. 
  • 15:00 - Statement #2: Every employee is a member of the IC/Comms team now.
  • 27:27 - Statement #3: When it comes to earning respect in their organizations, communicators are their own worst enemy.
  • 37:15 - Statement #4: Most Comms professionals don't know the difference between internal communication and internal communications.
  • 45:10 - Statement #5: It's not change that people fear; It's uncertainty. And that's why so many change programmes fail, because leaders and communicators don't realise and act on that.
  • 54:52 - Statement #6: It's more dangerous to OVER communicate than UNDER communicate.