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The Great Comms Debate 5

Over 3000 people attended the Great Comms Debate in 2020.

In case you haven't listened to one yet 👇

These are the sessions where the greatest minds in employee communications gather for a deep dive on the biggest trends in the field today.

In the year which has seen the importance of employee communications skyrocket, we’re left with two questions:

How did we do? And what next?

For the last debate of the year, we went for something special. A twist... 🥁🥁🥁

The guest speakers were decided by the community, so needless to say, the lineup is EPIC:

  •  Kerri Warner, Global Head of Employee Communications @ Mastercard
  •  Liliana Biro, Head of Internal Communications @ Iron Mountain
  •  Guilherme Santana, Head of Digital Transformation Change Management & Communications @ DHL

💡 Whether you’re new to communications or a seasoned veteran, this debate should give you plenty of insights to take back with you as you work towards enhancing your communications.

06:10 – Statement #1: The changes brought by COVID-19 to how we engage our employees are here to stay.
17:52 – Statement #2: Culture is primarily defined by how companies communicate.
26:35 – Statement #3: Anyone can become an internal communications professional.
35:45 – Statement #4: Internal comms can’t deliver real results if they are not involved in the development of strategic initiatives.
45:35 – Statement #5: The most important skill for communications is, still, copywriting.
55:07 – Statement #6: Internal communications is not equal to employee engagement.