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The Great Comms Debate 6

🥁The first Great Comms Debate of 2021 is here🥁

We’ve just hit the one-year mark from the first lockdown and the question on everyone’s mind is:

 “Is this ever going to end?”

The good news is that yes, the COVID-19 pandemic will end at some point. It may take 6 months, a year, maybe even a few years, but one day we will be back to “normal”.

So after spending 2020 adapting to a “new normal”, how much of the new circumstances will carry over into a post COVID-19 era? From remote work to digital tools and new processes, a lot has changed. How do we know if we’ve been moving in the right direction? How much of what we used to do will be coming back?

There’s no certain answer to any of these questions, but they need to be discussed. That's what we covered in the first Great Comms Debate of 2021!

3100 comms professionals attended these debates in 2020. In case you weren’t one of them👇🏻

This is the session where the greatest minds in employee communications debate the burning questions in the field today.

Meet our debaters:

🎙️ Chloe Maple, Head of Internal Communication and Engagement at Vodafone

🎙️ Jennifer Sproul, Chief Executive at the Institute of Internal Communication

🎙️ Phil Askham, Senior Consultant at Montfort

Just like with the previous Comms Debates, we’re going with an ‘Agree or Disagree’ format. We’ll pose the statement and the experts will talk it out until we get some answers.


5:42​ - Internal communication is the only function that can align organisations and employees.

15:36​ - It’s not Internal Communication - it’s internal collaboration.

23:21​ - ‘More pace, less polish’ is a rule we should adopt in the post-pandemic comms world.

32:08​ - Internal communication is still underfunded and under-resourced.

42:07​ - To get on in Internal Communications, you have to be a jack of all trades.

51:40​ - In a hybrid workplace, managers need to rethink completely how they motivate and communicate with their teams.