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The Great Comms Debate 8

Talent joining. Talent leaving. People are changing jobs faster than ever. Something the Forbes magazine called “turnover tsunami”. It begs the question:

Back to the office? Hybrid work? Fully remote?

Ineffective internal communication leads to lower motivation and productivity in the workplace, employee disengagement, and high turnover.

How can we as communicators help reduce the effect of the Turnover Tsunami in your company?

We’ve invited three comms gurus to help us figure this out. We’ll pose six statements and let the guests talk them out until we get some answers!

This quarters lineup of speakers was:

  • Minna Pinola, Director, Communications and Marketing (FIN) at Solita
  • Stephanie J Ramos, Director, Internal Communications at Mount Sinai Health System
  • Advita Patel, Director at CommsRebel and Co-founder at A Leader Like Me