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The Marketing ROI Battle: Social Ads VS Employee Advocacy



The fight is eternal: which marketing channel should get more budget?

One opponent is well-known and has seen thousands of fights like this: the almighty social ads.

The other one has been around for a few years only, but has quickly gained trust among the world’s largest companies and has risen to the top of its weight category: welcome employee advocacy.

So which one is stronger? Where do you put your budget?

That’s right: you put more money into the channel that has the highest ROI for your business. How do you find that out? That’s where this battle can help: we have two pros advocating for each channel and the results you can expect from ads vs advocacy in different use cases.

🥊 In the social ads corner, we have Mark de Bruijn, Director of Global Customer Experience Marketing at helps such giants as Uber and Zalando to automate their social advertising, so Mark surely has a couple of cards in favor of ads up his sleeve.

🥊 In the advocacy corner, we have Aleksander Cardwell, Marketing Director at Smarp, the leading employee communications and advocacy platform supporting global companies like Amazon and DHL.

To spice things up, the host poses every marketer’s burning questions about each channel and the speakers iron them out. Watch the replay here!