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Turning All Your Digital Channels Into Employee Advocacy Platforms

It’s 2021 and we all get it: the voice of the employee trumps the voice of the corporation.

That’s why the world’s largest brands, such as Amazon, Salesforce, and Google are all running employee advocacy programs.

There is one problem every company faces when running employee advocacy programs:


How can you get as many employees as possible engaged with the initiative?

If you’re like most companies, you’ll work really hard to solve that problem. If you’re like the world’s smartest companies, you won’t. You’ll skip it fully.

Do not introduce a new digital channel when your employees are already active in so many. Instead, deliver targeted and pre-approved content where they already are.

In this session, we discussed how you can skip the adoption problem and leverage your existing digital channels (Slack, Teams, Sharepoint, Workplace by Facebook, Yammer or any other) as high-performing employee advocacy platforms.