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Wilmington plc Turns Knowledge Into an Advantage With Employee Empowerment


About Wilmington plc

Wilmington plc is a dynamic and expanding company with a common aim – turning knowledge into an advantage. The Group provides information and training services to professionals within the Risk & Compliance, Finance, Legal and Insight sectors. Wilmington enables professionals and their organisations to enhance performance by providing high quality, relevant and reliable information, education and knowledge. With high-profile brands like International Compliance Training (ICT), Central Law Training (CLT), AMT Training, Mercia, Axco, Compliance Week, and Solicitors Journal, Wilmington plc is one of Britain’s leading information services and media companies.

The challenge

Since floating on the London Stock Exchange in 1995, Wilmington plc has grown to a global business with nearly 1,000 employees helping clients in more than 150 countries around the globe. In today’s data-driven world, Wilmington plc’s driving ambition is to turn knowledge into an advantage for the benefit of its customers.

To ensure a smooth transition to its next growth phase and to energize the organisation worldwide, Wilmington plc needed to change its structure to ensure its transition from a group of independent companies to a unified business with a shared vision. The recent focus has been on connecting the views of expertise, distributed across the company.

The solution

Anyone with experience of an extensive business transformation understands the enormous task faced by Wilmington’s leadership team of unifying a global business. To align the group with its new strategy and vision, Wilmington plc launched several projects that support the transformation into a unified business, raise awareness of the Wilmington brand, and encourage increased employee engagement.

Along with a comprehensive digital strategy to unite and engage clients, another key initiative focused on boosting employee empowerment with Smarp. Wilmington plc wanted an everyday tool that would make it easier for employees to find and share the most relevant content related to the industry so they could showcase their expertise and grow their personal brand all while contributing to the group's image. 

The results

The project generated genuine returns for Wilmington plc. Employees became more engaged and learned more about what went on in other parts of the company, increasing the potential for valuable internal collaboration.

The increased engagement was also reflected in the nature of the shared content. During the first six months of the initiative, Wilmington’s content team provided a mixture of content addressing Wilmington’s key business areas together with more industry-related content. Additionally, employees could easily share with their networks any content that they found interesting and relevant.

While the content selection was wide, Smarp’s analytics show that employees shared content related to Wilmington plc more often that they shared third-party content.  653 pieces of content have been added to the platform, and they have been shared 9,500 times to reach an audience of over 4 million people. As a result, nearly 8,000 unique visitors have clicked through to read the shared items – providing valuable new website traffic and potential clients to Wilmington plc.

What the client says about Smarp

“In a connected world, social media plays an ever-increasing role in helping companies do business. Smarp makes it easy for people to share high-quality content, raise awareness of the Wilmington brand and drive traffic to our websites. This, in turn, boosts employees’ profiles across their social networks, helping them achieve their personal and business objectives. Everyone benefits – the individual employee, the company and the client.”

Jennifer Guy, Client and Business Development Director, Wilmington Group plc.

“Personally, I use Smarp to share relevant Wilmington content to my contacts on LinkedIn as well as my followers on Twitter. I find Smarp easy to use and I appreciate the continuous improvements to the functionality.”

Lily Harwood, Head of Marketing and Communications, International Compliance Association